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                    3,4,5,6-Tetrahydro phthalimide
                    Liquid tetrahydro phthalic anh...



        About us

      Puyang Huanyu Chemical Co.,Ltd. is the base city of Zhongyuan oil field, with annual output of 2 million tons of crude petroleum, 2 billion steres of natural gas and plentiful crude petroleum & natural gas resources; thus we enjoy excellent conditions to develop petrochemical industry.
      Puyang is located in the juncture of Hebei, Shandong and Henan province,we enjoy good location. Puyang now is the national health city of China, national garden city of China, national civilization city of China and Good tourism city of China.

      We are working for customers' satisfactions. Following human's demand and taking customer and quality as the number one priority, we are striving to improve & develop products to meet customers' demands. At the same time, we lay a great stress on the quality of product and service. We install a management system covering all the fields of product quality, service quality, operational quality, management quality and environment quality. Sticking to such attitude of "Be precise, Be practical, Be scientific", upholding such idea of "Treating our customers with honest heart, Taking the credit as the root of our development, Mutual benefits, Working together", and basing on the complete facilities (leading automatic production line, qualified employees, strict QC system and experienced sales team), we are working hard for bright future.

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